There’s a lot that confuses me about this next story, but since it’s Sunday, I’ll go ahead and give it to you anyway. Rumor has it The Office’s Steve Carell has decided on a new project. The comedy, tentatively titled Imagine, would see an aging rock star discover he has a love child. The rock star is still yet to be cast, but Carell would play the love child, found through a mysterious, long-lost letter written by John Lennon. See? That’s where the title comes together.

According to NY Mag, the comedy is being written by Cars scribe Dan Fogelman and will be made alongside the fine people at Warner Brothers. Here’s what I’m a little confused about. If you received a letter from John Lennon, don’t you think you’d bother opening it or if not, keep it in a safe, well-marked place? And further, why are we making fatherhood comedies that involve John Lennon? I love “Revolution” just as much as the next guy, but Lennon is the same dude who once screamed at his four year old son until his ears were damaged because he couldn’t use his fork properly. And that was the son he liked better.

If this makes it through pre-production, it’ll mark the second straight project Carell and Fogelman have teamed up on. Their marital comedy Crazy.Stupid.Love is making its way through focus groups in postproduction.

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