Did you get any insight into designing the costumes?

No, Dayna Pink designed all the costumes. She works extremely well with all the actors and susses out what will work for them. She's so good. She did Crazy. Stupid. Love.

What was the inspiration the one you’re wearing?

I don't know the inspiration for this particular costume. I know she liked the velvet and she liked the colors. She thought the rhinestones would really pick up the light on stage. I don't think it's necessarily a Siegfried and Roy look. That might be the archetype that people will go to but it's more of an 80's or 90's costume that this character thinks never went out of style. I think the character thinks it makes him look sexy. That's why he's still in it after all these years.

How do you feel in it?

Extremely sexy. My agent came today and she couldn't keep her eyes off me. She's seeing a completely new person. I wear it on weekends. I wear it to my wife's delight.

How long have you been looking to wear your own necklaces in a movie?

Finally! Finally, I get to wear some of my own. I actually don't own any gold-colored jewelry so it's extremely odd to be wearing anything gold, let alone 18 pounds of gold. But it changes the way you feel. Wearing this much jewelry definitely changes how you carry yourself as well as the open-chested tight pants look of it all

How far away do you let yourself stray from what's written on the page?

It depends on the scene. This was a pretty tightly-scripted scene. As far as we know, it may play as a one-shot. We may not go into coverage. This one has a lot of overlapping lines. It has to be fast. It's not something that you can really go fishing for. You can change little things in different readings of the lines, but not wholesale changes.

What about the back-and-forth between your co-stars?

There's been a lot of play and a lot of invention. It's always great because you get it as scripted and that's always of value. But you never know what else you're going to find if you have time to play a little bit and see what else is out there. Steve Buscemi is hilarious. He's really, really good with improv. It's fun to go back and work with him.

What about playing off Jim Carrey?

Oh my gosh. Talk about a fertile mind. That guy could do 50 takes and they could all be completely different. The trick with him is really an abundance of riches. You don't know which one to choose because one is just different and equally funny. Again, he supplies you with so many different variations. It's sort of an editor's dream. Whatever is called for in the movie you will find in his performance. He's completely committed, too. He was doing things -- physical things -- that didn't seem human to me and he was doing them in a practical manner with no special effects. It was all him. It was all just his own commitment to the part.

You mean magic things?

Magic and just physical things. He does this one hit in his head -- well, he does a number of very physical things that I think would be very difficult to attempt. I'm a huge, huge fan of his. To be able to work with him again... I just worked with him a little bit on Bruce Almighty.

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