With his tenure on The Office set to expire after this season, it is more than likely that Steve Carell will start accepting projects by the barrel load. After all, who wants to be unemployed in this economy? The unfortunate side of picking up scripts like this, however, is that they aren't all going to be of the highest quality. Proof of this: he's now set to star in a remake written by the guys who made Snow Dogs.

Variety reports that Carell will star in A Boyfriend for My Wife, an adaptation of the Argentinian film Un novio para mi mujer. Carell will play a husband who desperately wants to get out of his marriage, but doesn't have the nerve to tell her. Instead, he hires a "legendary yet unlikely Lothario" for her to fall in love with. As mentioned, the film will be written by Mark Gibson and Phil Halprin, two guys who made a movie in which Sisqo played a doctor.

In addition to being a remake of the 2008 foreign film, it also sounds remarkably similar to last year's Mike Judge film Extract, only instead of wanting to dissolve his marriage he simply wants to have guilt-free sex with Mila Kunis. Carell had his first under-performing film this past summer in Dinner For Schmucks, proving that audiences won't necessarily see him in anything. Let's just hope that the next project isn't written by the guys behind Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.

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