Loyal as I am to Jack Donaghy-- er, I mean Alec Baldwin-- it seems obvious to me that Steve Martin was the more successful of Sunday's Oscar hosts, probably just a little because he's done it several times before. And as an Oscar veteran, Martin knows fully well how to capitalize on that buzz, and has taken the moment to join relative whippersnappers Owen Wilson and Jack Black in Big Year, a comedy about bird-watchers. Yeah, really.

As THR reports it, the project has been in development for ages at Fox 2000, and at one point Dustin Hoffman was on board for Martin's role. The film , based on the 1998 book The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession, follows three men who try to outdo each other in a bird-watching competition. The original nonfiction book apparently used the bird pursuit as a fairly bittersweet reflection of the mens' lives, but I can see the movie version quickly devolving into an escalating series of pranks that inevitably result in someone accidentally killing one of the rare birds. Please, for the sake of everyone's dignity-- not least the audience's-- don't let it go this way. We all know these three actors are capable of more, and given a script as intelligent as they are, they could make something pretty spectacular together.

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