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Back in June, things were not looking so hot for the film adaptation of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a movie based on the Robert Vaughn led spy series from the 1960s. After being attached for more than a year, director David Dobkin decided to drop the project from his schedule, leaving the film hanging in the wind. Now it seems that it was all for the best.

THR reports that not only has Steven Soderbergh begun early negotiations to take over the project, but he's bringing a partner with him. According to the report, Scott Z. Burns, who wrote both The Informant and Contagion for the director and was a co-writer on The Bourne Ultimatum, is also in talks to write a whole new script. Though it doesn't say it outright, it sounds as though they are abandoning the script written by Max Borenstein. Set during the Cold War, the series was about both American and Russian spies who worked for an agency called United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.

It's so incredibly rare for a television show to get a proper movie adaptation, but if you're going to have faith in anyone it should be Steven Soderbergh. The man is beholden to no genre and probably has more range as a filmmaker than anyone else working today. The jury is still out if he can do action (the closest he's ever really gotten has been the Ocean's 11 movies), but it's merely just another summit for the director to reach for.

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