We learned way back in March that Steven Spielberg was considering directing Robopocalypse, a DreamWorks adaptation of the book by Daniel H. Wilson by Drew Goddard, who wrote Cloverfield and the coming-out-eventually Cabin in the Woods. At the time it seemed like yet another one of those Spielberg pipe dreams that would never be made-- like the Lincoln and Gershwin biopics, for example-- but now we may have reason to hope it'll actually happen.

Over at Vulture they've learned that Goddard has handed in his script, and Spielberg is still eyeing it as his next project. At the same time, agents all over town are recognizing that Spielberg's taste changes like the wind, so plenty of directors are keeping an eye on it in case the man himself decides to pass. The idea is that if Spielberg is interested, it must be good, so lots of up and coming directors are keeping an eye on it with aims toward become the next J.J. Abrams or the like.

The book Robopocalypse doesn't come out until next summer, but the title is pretty self-explanatory, don't you think? Spielberg has already expressed interest in strange creatures and their power to destroy us with his past work like War of the Worlds, but there are definitely plenty of directors who would tackle the topic given the chance. Basically, the news is exactly where it stood back in March, with Spielberg vaguely interested, but now we may be that much closer to actually knowing what his next project might be.

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