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Back in March, screenwriter Drew Goddard was hired to write an adaptation of the Daniel H. Wilson forthcoming novel Robopocalypse. Though Steven Spielberg had already been talking about biopics about both Abraham Lincoln and a George Gershwin, there was some suggestion that he would direct the sci-fi story himself. The story died down when the director started making the film War Horse, which will be due out in December of next year, but in September it was reported that Spielberg was more than interested in the project and there was suggestion that it would be his next film. Now we know the answer.

Deadline reports that Spielberg has officially signed on to direct Robopocalypse, the story of humanity's battle to survive the robot uprising. Interested in the project since before the book was even finished being written, the director was creating storyboards as Wilson and Goddard turned in new pages of the novel and screenplay. Production is scheduled to begin in January 2012, shortly after the release of both War Horse and Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn. The book is expected to be released in June of next year and Touchstone Pictures will distribute the film sometime in 2013.

As excited as I am to see Spielberg doing another sci-fi film, I simply don't have the confidence in Spielberg that I used to. The Terminal and War of the Worlds were just terrible and I don't even want to get into Indiana Jones 4 (though that wasn't entirely his fault). Spielberg may still have the goods, but they've been sadly missed in his last few efforts. Here's hoping that these next three projects will be his resurgence.

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