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Before Steven Spielberg decided to focus on Lincoln and assemble one of the best casts I've ever seen, it was reported that the legendary filmmaker would tackle Robopocalypse, a movie based on the book by Daniel H. Wilson. We haven't heard much about the project since, but now it looks like the project is officially a go.

THR reports that Fox has teamed up with Dreamworks in a co-financing deal that will bring Robopocalypse to the big screen on July 3, 2013. The project will be the first time that Spielberg has worked with Fox since 2002's Minority Report. Spielberg has been interested in the project since before the book was completed. Working with screenwriter Drew Goddard, Spielberg began crafting storyboards as Wilson would turn in pages. The book is set in the future where robots have become a major part of everyday life, but that life becomes a living hell when the robots turn on their masters and become killing machines. The project's only current competition on the July 3rd weekend is Despicable Me 2, however, the date comes only three weeks after Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and two weeks after Pixar's Monsters Univeristy.

Spielberg has never been one to sit on his hands for any long length of time, but his productivity in recent years has been pretty spectacular. This year he has two films coming out within five days of each other (War Horse and The Adventures of Tintin), and though Lincoln doesn't have a set release date yet, it's expected to come out in December 2012, only 7 months before Robopocalypse. We can only hope that the quality remains high with increased quantity.