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Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey’s planned team-up project Used Guys is dead. The science-fiction comedy cast the duo as a pair of male clones traded and sold like cars in future a world run by women. Not a bad position to be in really if you ask me, but we’ll never get to see it on screen.

20th Century Fox has pulled the plug on the movie citing long delays, scheduling conflicts and, according to Variety, out of control production costs. The budget was reportedly creeping up on a rather hefty $115 million, a big number for a comedy made in these the years of supposed Hollywood fiscal responsibility. No problem. The film’s June 15th 2007 release date has been filled by Fantastic Four 2, originally slated to be released in July.

Used Guys would have been Stiller and Carrey’s first time together since the failed 1996 movie The Cable Guy. Whether getting them back together or not would have been a good thing, probably depends on whether you can stand either of them. Both have in recent years become somewhat annoying.

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