With Wolverine and Magneto getting X-Men spin-off movies, what about Storm? Even though Halle Berry’s performances in the first two movies have been incredibly weak, especially in a superhero franchise defined by brilliant acting, her character has become the franchise’s focal point. Why exactly that happens is anyone’s guess, it probably has something to do with winning an Oscar and pulling plenty of star power. So, even though no one probably wants it, you’d think a Storm spin-off would at least be discussed.

But Halle Berry says no, she’s not interested. There’s no word on anyone offering, but if anyone does Halle is letting it be known she’s not interested. “Storm won’t be spinning off… I have no real desire to do that,” she has told the AAP at Cannes.

Why not? Is she disinterested in the character? Before she won her Oscar Halle was notoriously disinterested in playing superheroes, and even complained about being forced into playing Storm because she didn’t feel she could find better roles. But Halle says this time she’s backing away from Storm because, “It is the group of all of them together and that is what has made the series so successful.”

Is anyone else’s head spinning? This is the same actress after all, who demanded more screen time for her character at the expense of others in order to be part of X-Men 3. Now she’s gotten it, and she’s suddenly all about the team. Is she perhaps just sick of wearing leotards, or has Halle finally figured out what the X-Men are supposed to be all about?

While she’s determined to avoid doing a spin-off, Berry says she’d be happy to help out the others with their solo projects. “I would be happy to be a part of their movies in some way if they ask me to but what I love about X-Men is the X-Men.”

I feel like I’m lost in bizarro world. This is not the Halle Berry we’ve been hearing from for the past few years. Where’s the real Halle and what have you done with her? Oh, hear she is speaking to News.com.au: “I have to fight for almost every job I ever get … I am not complaining but there is a little thing called racism that this movie X-Men speaks about that, honestly, people like me still suffer from on some level.” Actually Halle, you are complaining. Personally, I think you have trouble getting roles because you’re a lousy actress. But that’s just me. You’ve got an Oscar yes, but you deserved it slightly less than Marissa Tomei, who by the way spends most of her time doing guest roles or horrible Indie movies these days. Maybe she’s the one being discriminated against.

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