There's really nothing good to be said about the prospect of a Stretch Armstrong movie, whether you're a fan of the classic toy or just the concept of original movies. But at least MTV has found a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope in all this: Stretch Armstrong, the movie, will at the very least be a comedy.

First it's being directed by Steve Oedekerk, the man responsible for Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Bruce Almighty, so we really knew all along it'd be a farce. But Hasbro exec Brian Goldner explained to them, "You have to treat it comically, you have to find the right comic beats. “Clearly Steve Oedekerk as our writer has the right kind of pedigree. So it’s a sort of a big comedic superhero movie that will play to a very broad audience.”

So sure, it's well and good that there seems to be some self-awareness here, and they're not actually asking us to believe in Stretch Armstrong as a fully fleshed-out hero. But can we really expect this to have any more depth than those old silly live-action commercials? I have my doubts.

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