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Warner Bros. first big, non-Batman superhero movie in awhile hits this summer in the form of Green Lantern, though you might not know it, since we haven’t seen nearly as much hype around it as we’ve gotten from Marvel’s big summer offerings. Don’t worry it’s coming. It’s just not ready.

The problem seems to revolve around the movie’s complex 3D effects, and word is they just haven’t had enough of it ready to start promoting it heavily. Think about it, even Ryan Reynolds costume is a complex special effect, and odds are that’s in almost every scene. Besides, it seems the studio is keenly aware of just how poorly the first trailer was received. In a recent interview with the LA Times WB head Jeff Robinov flat out admits that the first GL trailer sucked. Before they show you anything else, it makes sense that they’d want to get it right. Right now the next Green Lantern trailer is slated to play before Thor when it's released in May.

For now it sounds like the Green Lantern team is in the midst of trying to get things right. They’re still making this movie, in fact they may still be casting it. Rumor has it that Michael Clarke Duncan is in talks to voice the alien character Killowog. That’s perfect and if you’re not sure why, then here’s a picture of Killowog:

If someone asked me to draw Michael Clarke Duncan as an alien, that’s probably what I’d come up with.

Latino Review first came up with the Duncan for Killowog rumor. We’ll let you know once he’s confirmed to be in the cast.

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