Fans of sound and fury, signifying nothing, mark your calendars for June 28. That's the date Warner Home Video has set to release Zack Snyder's cinematic train wreck known as Sucker Punch as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack ($35.99), Blu-ray ($29.98), and a standard DVD ($28.98). And while you won't actually get a coherent or interesting story in exchange for your hard-earned cash, I'm sure it'll look grand in high-definition.

Both versions will include the theatrical cut of Sucker Punch along with several bonus features. You'll get the "Sucker Punch: Behind the Soundtrack" featurette, as well as four animated shorts that serve as prequels to the movie (entitled "Feudal Warriors," "The Trenches," "Dragon," and "Distant Planet," respectively). If you want the full complement of special features, however, you'll have to spring for the Blu-ray. It adds an extended cut of the film, as well as picture-in-picture mode hosted by Snyder and dubbed "Maximum Movie Mode: Exploring the Fantasy World."

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