We’re Seeing Harley Quinn’s Origin
We’ll See Harley Quinn’s Origin
Before the New 52, Harley Quinn simply put on makeup to look like a clown, but in the New 52, Joker tossed her into the same vat of chemicals that altered his look. The result was unsurprisingly the same; her skim was bleached white and her hair color was permanently changed. The same event will occur in Suicide Squad, as we saw in this brand new trailer. It was hinted in the last trailer that we’d see Joker torturing Dr. Harleen Quinzel into insanity, and tossing her into the same chemicals he fell into will serve as her rebirth. He dives in to retrieve her (can’t let his new creation drown, after all), and once out, those two are officially the maniacal couple we both love and hate. We don’t know how much of the two of them we’ll see together in the movie, but hopefully a lot.

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