Loser: Movies Made Because Of Nostalgia
This was the year that nine out of 10 of the movies nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards took place at some point in the past, but titles trying to capitalize on nostalgia this summer were big, fat losers. It began in the second week of May with Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, which was not only utterly pummeled by The Avengers at the box office, but was slapped by critics for its lazy script and inconsistent tone. And things only got worse from there. The 80s tinged musical Rock of Ages was a global flop; the Total Recall remake was panned for its inconsistent vision; and Battleship did nothing to conjure board game memories. The only film in this category that could be considered a moderate success would be Men in Black III and calling that movie sloppy would be a compliment.

There is a positive spin, however. Perhaps now studios will start using forward thinking and stop trying to root around in our childhood to find something that will make us pine for years past. The numbers certainly suggest that this would be the best way to go.

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