Winner: Channing Tatum
C-Tates, the hunk who transformed himself into a movie star this year, already got a shout out for this work in the ensemble of Magic Mike, but he's had such a good summer he deserved his own mention. Yes, two of his hits this year came in the spring-- The Vow and 21 Jump Street were a one-two punch you have to envy-- but when Magic Mike arrived in June, so did Tatum. He wasn't just the charismatic center of the film, but its reason to exist, putting up half the money for the budget alongside Steven Soderbergh and inspiring the seedy story with his own past exploits as a male stripper.

The cherry on top of Tatum's killer summer? He didn't have to endure the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which was bumped to next year with less than a month to go before its intended June release. Rumor has it Tatum was set to die in the original film, and the release shift was to allow him to shoot extra scenes. No matter how the movie turns out, Tatum's role in it is bound to be awkward, and now he's managed to put it off until next year, when his bona fides as our newest breakout star are complete.

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