Loser: Taylor Kitsch
Poor Tim Riggins. Just as 2011 will be known as the year that Ryan Reynolds didn’t take off, 2012 has found its counterpart in Taylor Kitsch. With two ‘tentpoles’ as well as a drama with a once highly regarded writer-director on the schedule, the former Friday Night Lights’s star looked poised to make the jump to feature film stardom but, like his X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star, his releases were not just disappointments but flops. John Carter became so synonymous with the box office bomb that when you look up the word flop, well, you get it.

You can’t blame the kid for signing up for Andrew Stanton’s first live feature, which was based on the beloved Edgar Rice Burrough’s “Barsoom” series, but unfortunately many attribute some of the film’s failure to his uncharismatic performance. The rising star still had one blockbuster left on deck but sadly the John Carter stink followed him right onto the sea for the based on a board game, Battleship which also performed poorly with critics and audiences. The two that went. And Oliver Stone’s Savages? Well, the writer-director hasn’t made anything of worth in decades so color me unsurprised that it did absolutely nothing to help Kitsch career except add another punchline to his 2012 resume.

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