It looks like Safe House wasn’t a fluke; writer David Guggenheim has some seriously high-quality material to offer. The US Weekly editor recently found himself amidst a bidding war for his very first screenplay, Safe House, a thriller about a CIA agent responsible for transporting a prisoner to a safe house when his original location is attacked. Guggenheim found himself in a similar, high stakes situation with Puzzle Palace.

According to THR, Summit emerged the winner amongst the studios vying for the piece. This one is a teen thriller about a kid who’s locked in a police station. He resorts to stealing evidence in order to escape a band of crooked cops and get out.

Don’t take the word ‘teen’ too seriously. THR likens the film to another ‘teen thriller,’ DreamWorks’ Disturbia. Yeah, it features an actor adored by young moviegoers, Shia LaBeouf, but that in no way means the material is juvenile. Whether Puzzle Palace is youthful or not, expectations are high for anything that comes from Guggenheim’s pen. In just two months the guy sold two screenplays for big bucks and is already planning to relocate himself, his wife and newborn child to L.A. where the action is.

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