New movies have typically hit video-on-demand services on the same day as their physical counterparts on Blu-ray and DVD, or even later in some cases. Now Summit Entertainment is trying something a little different with the upcoming release of the science fiction thriller Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Source Code is scheduled to hit shelves on July 26, but Summit will make the film available on demand two weeks earlier on July 8.

Variety reports that this is a bit of an experiment for Summit. There's already precedent for films being made available on-demand as soon as 60 days after theatrical release, but for a higher price point than VOD titles released day-and-date with the discs. The Variety article doesn't note what Source Code's early VOD premiere will cost interested viewers.

While Summit is testing the waters with this earlier VOD window, Summit Home Entertainment president Steve Nickerson says that "We are only conducting a test in this case and not making an overall policy shift at this time." Of course, if tons of people embrace this early VOD premiere of Source Code, don't be surprised if you see it becoming more common.

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