It was a long two days that Matt Patches and I went without doing a video blog together, and the excuse is both familiar and simple: we never ran into each other and had the time. Actually, I take that back-- we did run into each other at a karaoke party on Main Street, where The Host director Bong Joon-Ho did a rendition of "Uptown Girl" and Patches brought down the house with Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." But a karaoke party isn't really a conducive environment for video conversation about movies-- or any conversation for that matter-- so we had to wait until we caught up with each other this evening to finally chat.

The only movie we had managed to see in common was Miguel Arteta's Cedar Rapids, a big Fox Searchlight release that's also opening in theaters February 11, so we talked about our fairly different reactions to that. We also went over our favorites of what we had seen today, me the Vera Farmiga-directed drama Higher Ground and the Norwegian adventure film Troll Hunter. Special thanks to pals Erin McCarthy and Eric Vespe for holding the camera (you'll see very clearly the moment where they hand it over). Check back later for more video blogs that will hopefully be coming more frequently.

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