Today is only Day Six of my ten-day Sundance adventure, but Park City is already starting to wind down. Journalists and celebrities are leaving in droves, the locals are starting to retake Main Street, and the wifi is working better than ever. But there are still plenty of movies to see, and plenty of exhausted delirium to drive though, which is exactly what Matt Patches and I did when we got up this morning to see Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, a documentary about a street art phenomenon that fascinated three Philadelphians for decades.

The movie isn't the most impressive thing either of us have seen at the festival, but we both enjoyed it, both thanks to the low-tech charm of the filmmaking and the weird corners of the world the investigators encounter as they try to track down the man who has placed the "Toynbee Tiles" on streets from Philadelphia and New York to all the way in South America. In some ways they crack the case, and in some way the Tiles are a larger mystery than probably anyone can solve. Check out our quick video review below, and as always, keep checking back for more as we wrap up the last few days of Sundance.

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