We've given up counting the number of days since we've been at Sundance, not because we can't add up the number of days in a week, but because time kind of expands in weird ways here. I'm fairly certain it's been ten years since I set foot on this snowy ground, and at least five since I ate a meal that included an actual vegetable. Sundance Time is strange thing, and it sure doesn't help that we spend all our days living inside other people's movie worlds on top of that.

So for Sundance: Day Whatever, Matt Patches and I are bringing you a video blog review of two teen-centric comedies we happened to see together on the same day: Azazel Jacobs's Terri and Richard Ayoade's Submarine. They're both comedies about teenagers who don't quite fit into their schools, though Terri adopts a very low-budget naturalistic approach, while Submarine is crammed with a visual cleverness that's gotten it (rightly) compared to Wes Anderson's Rushmore. Both have been picked up for distribution, so you're likely to get a look at them later this year. Check out what Patches and I had to say about it below, while standing outside the Eccles Theater before this morning's screening of Miranda July's The Future. More video blogs, as always, to come!

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