Iron Man 3
Thanks to the success of The Avengers last year, Iron Man 3 could very well be called the most anticipated movie of the summer and the most anticipated trailer running during the 2013 Super Bowl – but Marvel Studios is making us wait for it. In order to make sure that they have our full attention during the big game they have only released an extremely brief trailer that basically on serves to make us even hungrier for the main course. Classically there isn’t a great crossover between comic book fans and sports fans, but today they will be unified.

Oz The Great And Powerful
Next month Sam Raimi will be taking audiences back to the wonderful world of Oz, and while we’ve seen a good number of trailers, posters, and images already the new film has something special planned for the big game. Like Iron Man 3 we have only seen a brief offering of what will be aired during today’s Super Bowl. We’ll have the full thing up on the site later, but for now you can watch the teaser below.

Star Trek Into Darkness
J.J. Abrams’ latest entry in the Star Trek franchise is an interesting Super Bowl spot because it’s going to be a bit more interactive than all of the others. Last week Paramount Pictures launched the Star Trek Into Darkness app, which has been promised to give access to exclusive content if activated when the new TV trailer is on in the same room.

Sadly there isn’t any kind of teaser available for the Super Bowl spot, but we did get this inside look featurette last week:

Fast & Furious 6
And finally we come to Fast & Furious 6, the big mystery entry in this year’s field. Unlike every other movie that has a Super Bowl spot running this year, the latest sequel to the long running Vin Diesel/Paul Walker racing franchise has not yet released an official trailer of any kind, meaning that the big game spot will actually be the first ever footage. For that reason we don’t have a teaser to bring you, but for now you can read what the movie is actually about by scanning the film’s recently released plot synopsis.

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