The first major deal of 2010's Toronto International Film Festival has been struck, and lo and behold, Cinema Blend actually saw the movie. DeadlineSuper, with plans to release it through their brand-new IFC Midnight banner. That's especially appropriate given the movie's raucous reception during the Midnight Madness program here at Toronto-- the crowd went nuts for it, even if Katey predicted in her review that they might find themselves a bit disappointed after the fact.

Super is by no means a perfect film, and has received more mixed reviews here than all-out raves, but it's a twisted and dark kind of crowdpleaser with a lot to offer to anyone who thought Kick-Ass just didn't push the envelope enough. A small-scale, indie-based distributor like IFC seems perfect for a movie like this; these are the people who picked up Lars von Trier's Antichrist, after all, so they're apparently not afraid of anything.

If you're looking for more from Super, SuperHeroHype dropped a brand new clip from the film featuring Ellen Page saying the word “Fuck” a whole lot and a dude bleeding profusely from the head. From what we hear, this sort of thing sets the tone for the rest of the film as Rainn Wilson and Page tell crime to “shut up” in the most violent ways possible from start to finish.

Check out the clip below but like we said, there’s some language in it so if you’re at work listening through speakers, be warned.

In other festival news Deadline also reports that the Weinstein Company has picked up Abe Sylvia's Dirty Girl to the tune of about $3 million. Katey hasn't seen it yet but is hoping to get a look at a press screening today.

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