I have to admit to marginally liking 2002’s Super Troopers. Comedy troop Broken Lizard’s take on the highway patrol was, you know, pretty ok. It was funny enough to pass a couple of hours although I’ve never been remotely interested in watching it again. With that sort of endorsement, I don’t see how the guys can not make a sequel and they seem to think so, too.

During an interview with Movie Web, Paul Soter and Jay Chandrasekhar said they were working on a script for Super Troopers 2. It has something to do with a land dispute between Canada and America. At least that’s what how Stoer explains it, “The big picture is that we are on the Canadian Border. And in reality, what has happened is that the government has found places where the markers were off, or wrong. And there are these areas of land that were thought to be Canada, but are actually part of the US. We are enlisted to patrol this area that was always thought to be Canadian soil. But no, it is actually the United States. We are enlisted because they have to send someone there to help make it part of the US territory now. We get recruited to be the highway patrolmen there. And we are surrounded by all of these Canadian people that aren't happy about this. We essentially have to impose US law on a bunch of Canadians that aren't at all happy about it.” Sounds hilarious. It was even more hilarious back in 1995 when it was called Canadian Bacon. Actually, that movie wasn’t really very funny, either.

The Broken Lizard films are usually critical disasters and never break $20 million at the box office, but they are made on the cheap and have enough of a following to be profitable. They don’t exactly sound confident that this will actually get made. When asked if a sequel would be a reality, Chandrasekhar said, “We'll see. The best thing for us to do is sit down and write the movie. And then we can say, 'Here it is.' And we'll see what happens from there. “ The premise doesn’t sound so great, but I guess it’s all in the jokes.

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