The Broken Lizard guys, the comedy troupe behind the movies Super Troopers, Beerfest and the upcoming The Slammin' Salmon, have never exactly been on the cutting edge of comedy, but they've never resorted to straight-up knockoffs before either. I'd like to give director Jay Chandrasekhar the benefit of the doubt as he goes forward with his new film Shotgun Wedding, but it really doesn't sound like anything more than a Hangover knockoff.

Here's the premise: a guy who swore he would never get married gathers his friends together for a weekend wedding trip. Sure, it's slightly altered from the basic Hangover premise, but it's impossible not to draw a connection between a hit comedy and another movie that might want to ride its coattails. According to Variety Chandrasekhar co-wrote the script with David Gilcreast, a guy with no other credits to his name. Does that mean that Chandraesekhar is diverting from the usual Broken Lizard route? And if so, does it mean he'll make something more original, or is he just trying even harder to knock off The Hangover. These questions demand answers that I suppose we'll only learn when the casting and plot summaries let the truth come out.

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