In an interview at the Superman Returns DVD & Videogame release party, Brandon Routh took some time to talk to IESB about possible candidates for an enemy to trouble Bryan Singer's sequel The Man Of Steel. When poked and prodded about who he thought would make a good nemesis he had two big suggestions:

"Well, there's alot of talk about Brainiac. Everyone wants to see Brainiac. But in the Superman Returns videogame you get to play as Bizarro, and Bizarro's pretty fun. You could definitely have some fun with that."

Seeing as general internet Buzz seems to put General Zod out in front as most wanted bad guy, and taking into account that Routh was probably just plugging the videogame in mentioning Bizarro, I'd be hard pushed to believe either of his named villians would really carry the next movie. However let us not forget that Brainiac has already been the subject of two previous failed Super-Productions, the mooted Superman V and Kevin Smith's aborted Superman Lives.

But what of General Zod you say? Well, let's look at it this way, Routh could just be throwing us off the scent to hype up whatever announcements they may have planned for the next script, or he could be deadly serious. Personally, I don't subscribe to the latter. With reactions to the past rumours of Metropolis kneeling before Jude Law and his perfect equal, nemesis footing as a bad guy you've just gotta believe that he's the best choice for the story. Am I right or am I right?

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