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Even though the whole thing has been put on hold until further notice, Justice League of America rumors continue flying. With the writers strike over, it’s likely that they’ll have the whole thing back on track soon, and when they do, it may be without Superman. Warning! There be spoilers here.

Blockbuster.com claims to have been sent a casting notice for the JLA movie, one which includes a short synopsis of what it’s about. In it, Superman is dead at the hands of Doomsday, Batman is kicked out of the League, and the movie is about characters like Green Lantern and Green Arrow trying to go on without them.

The only way this makes any sense is if there’s another Superman solo movie on the way. Rumor was that sequel efforts to Superman Returns had stalled in favor of shoving him into the Justice League, but if he’s out then there has to be another Superman solo movie. And if there is… could that movie end with Superman being killed by Doomsday? Seems like a possibility.

If that’s what Warner Brothers is planning, then I like this idea a lot better than their previous notion of casting replacement actors as Superman and Batman. Better to simply leave them out of their League movie than to shove two replacement actors into the costumes. If you can’t get Brandon Routh and Christian Bale, then Superman and Batman don’t belong in JLA.