Eager to see District 9? Don’t want to wait till Friday? Then get clicking right now. Not sure how this slipped under our radar but we’ve just learned that special sneak peek showings of District 9 are happening not tomorrow night at midnight but right now.

If you live on the East Coast you have a little more than an hour to buy tickets and get to a theater. If you’re on the West Coast, you’ve got a even more time. From what I’ve been told by Sony, plenty of tickets still available for these sneak shows… possibly because no one seemed to know anything about them. Or maybe I’m simply more clueless than usual. Either way, now’s your chance to see the movie that everyone’s been talking about, and see it before everyone else. Screenings are happening nationwide within mere moments. Search for and impulse buy tickets right now by clicking here.

UPDATE! Even though this information comes from Sony, there seems to be a lot of confusion. Call ahead to confirm your theater is showing it before going. Sites like Fandango list showings at 12:01am on Thursday, which SHOULD mean screenings happening right now, but could also just mean they have their times confused and it's actually Friday at 12:01am. We've been unable to reach any of our local theaters here in Dallas for even further confirmation, so let us know what you find out from your local theaters!

UPDATE 2! Unfortunately, after several conversations over the course of the past few hours, it looks like Sony's reps at Gorilla Nation got their wires crossed. No screenings. Whoops! If they sent you out to a screening which didn't happen, let us know. Voice your disappointment. Let em' have it! But see the movie tomorrow night anyway. It's good. It deserves it. District 9 happens at 12:01am on Friday morning.

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