The Wachowskis (and eventually their collaborator Tom Tykwer) have been developing their Cloud Atlas adaptation in secrecy for years now, but now that it's time to sell the project at Cannes to international buyers, the details are spilling out. Just a day after we learned that Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving and Ben Whishaw would all be joining the cast, Screen Daily reports that Susan Sarandon and Jim Broadbent are also in talks.

The new comes from a presentation to buyers from the three directors as well as Focus Features CEO James Schamus-- Focus is in charge of international sales, though Warner Bros. will distribute domestically. Shooting is set to start in September on a project that looks more fascinating by the day, from the strange collaboration of two siblings with another director to the increasingly fantastic cast. Who knows if any of this will affect international sales-- an adaptation of David Mitchell's sprawling novel, considered by many to be unadaptable-- but we'll get to see it domestically thanks to WB, and that's all I need to know for now.

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