These days I can really only think of Susan Sarandon as the voice of the weirdly ever-present Disney World ads that keep popping up every time I watch anything on Hulu, but of course, that's my own hang-up. Sarandon is everywhere these days, as she has been for pretty much the last two decades, and has had two TV appearances in the last few months in her signature cougar role-- the former teacher and love interest of Judah Friedlander's character on 30 Rock, and a brief cameo at the beginning of the new Lonely Island video "The Golden Rule".

And it looks like she had such a good time with Andy Samberg in both that video and the original "Motherlover" that she's becoming his mom again. According to THR she'll be starring opposite Samberg and Adam Sandler in I Hate You Dad, the Sony comedy going into production this summer. The major conflict of the movie seems to be between Sandler and Samberg, with Sandler playing the titular dad who moves in with his son (Samberg) and his fiancee (Leighton Meester) and immediately starts causing trouble. The cast is already crammed with all kinds of unexpected names, from Vanilla Ice playing himself to James Caan, and according to THR Will Forte, Milo Ventimiglia, Eva Amurri (Sarandon's daughter, as it turns out), Blake Clark, Meagan Fay, Tony Orlando and Dan Patrick may all take roles too.

Despite the fact that Samberg and Sandler are way too close together in age to making a convincing father and son team, and also despite the fact that Sandler hasn't made a genuinely good comedy in years, I somehow feel like there's potential here. Bringing in the likes of Sarandon sure can't hurt, of course-- and the fact that Sandler is not teaming up with his Grown Ups director Dennis Dugan yet again is also a promising sign. I've been burned by Sandler way too many times to be too optimistic here, but I also like Samberg and the rest of the cast enough that if funny clips start emerging from this film, I could start to have a little faith.

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