Remember that old-school game Musical Chairs? Well, it seems to be a favorite among movie studio executives, who—believe it or not—can never seem to make a decision and roll with it.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has bumped up Sweeney Todd and bumped back Believe It Or Not. Sweeney Todd, the Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical about a deranged homicidal barber shop, is being turned into a movie helmed by Tim Burton. Naturally, he is reteaming with longtime fave Johnny Depp.

Paramount, which now owns Dreamworks, is giving this far-less expensive project a boost over the pricey Believe It Or Not, also directed by Burton, about the adventures of oddities collector Robert Ripley. Jim Carrey was set to star in the film; Fox recently pulled the plug on his comedy Used Guys after the budget skyrocketed out of control. That is 0 for 2 for Carrey, who may be standing next to you on the Unemployment lines soon.

Sweeney Todd has a 2008 release set, and Paramount executives insist that Ripley will happen—some other time.

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