Ever since The Expendables became a hit at the box office last August, fans have been wondering about the sequel, specifically who would be added to the cast. But while we still don't know if Jean-Claude Van Damme or Chuck Norris will be joining the crew, one space just opened up: the director's chair.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that after both helming and starring in the 2010 summer blockbuster, Sylvester Stallone has started taking meetings with other directors. Also unlike the first film, Stallone wasn't involved with the writing process, instead leaving it to David Agosto and Ken Kaufman (Curious George, In The Army Now). The story comes from an unnamed source that was "briefed on the project but was not authorized to speak about it publicly." Millennium Films, the company behind the film, declined to comment.

Should this story be true you can expect a lot of hands to shoot up into the air volunteering for the gig. The first film made nearly $275 million at the global box office and the sequel, barring any major malfunctions, stands to make even more. Any young director would love to have The Expendables 2 on their resume.

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