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Seeing this clip may be something of a shock to you if you haven't already gotten a handle on exactly what Cemetery Junction is: a very serious, brooding look at youth in the 70s, a coming of age tale. What is shocking is that the incomparable Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were at the helm as a tag team of directors, and the film is (SPOILER ALERT) not a comedy.

Even with the film's content being what it is, the pair introduce a clip over at Empire with about as much levity as if they were doing their usual chuckle-filled podcast. It's a joy to see the two together, but they do nothing to set the tone of the clip.

Empire has the clip exclusively and are withholding the embed code. I'm not brave enough to go rooting through their HTML and partake in some serious code thievery so you'll have to click over and check it out. It's a bit slow, but ultimately shows that behind the camera, Gervais and Merchant know how to film a scene. If you're looking for the typical Gervais/Merchant style comedy, Cemetery Junction is not going to deliver, but should you expect a bit of witty comic relief? With these two involved, absolutely.

Head on over to Empire to scope out the clip for yourself.