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Though I wasn't born until three years before they were over, the 80s is a fun decade to look back on. The hair, the clothes, the music and the movies are all so ridiculous, but it all has a very special kind of charm. Earlier this year, Hot Tub Time Machine was the movie that tried to make us all nostalgic for those lost years, and it looks as though Take Me Home Tonight will fill that role in 2011.

Starring Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, and Teresa Palmer (as well as a host of others), the film takes us back to the summer of 1988 when a young slacker (Grace) and his two friends (Fogler and Faris) attend a party to celebrate their youth. Apple has posted the first trailer for the Michael Dowse film over at their website. Head over there if you want to catch it in HD or watch the video below.

The movie seems to have its bright spots and actually works pretty well up until the tone of the whole thing changes and everything becomes over-dramatic and angst-y. The reason I enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine was because it was fairly devoid of heavy drama and instead kept focused on its over-the-top nature. Take Me Home Tonight seems to have some elements of that, but lets hope that it doesn't all get washed out. Also: I miss video stores.