Was Colombiana in fact developed from a Professional sequel?
It's not a Professional sequel. There is the Professional sequel, it's called Matilda, Luc or I will direct it one day. Colombiana is very close, but a lot of stories are very close. He wrote the story, not because he couldn't do Matilda, which is the real Professional sequel--

Which he will do some day?
Some day, sure. Today it is hard. Everything is not really easy. I would like to. It's the only sequel I would like to do.

Even though this is a sequel?
Taken, I didn't want to do the sequel. After Transporter 3 I didn't want to make another sequel. Especially Taken-- what's the point? I saw the movie, and it was something on its own. After Colombiana he proposed it to me again, and I read the script. Working with Liam-- it wasn't a dream, but you don't have a chance to work with such actors many times when you're in France. So I agreed. When I read the script, I agreed because I found a lot of things to do. At first I didn't find a challenge because the script wasn't very interesting, so they changed everything, they rewrote everything.

What were the changes to the plot?
In the beginning, for example, there was a huge action fight in Los Angeles. It didn't have any meaning, because it was after the driving lessons, they went to a diner and a couple of guys were passing by, had problems with the car, they didn't want to make a report. then he kicked the asses of all those guys. i told everybody, why? When he's in his own town, he's a normal guy, he doesn't want to fight. He shuts his mouth just like everybody. I thought it was a mistake to put it there, because then it's just another action movie, and every 5 minutes we absolutely have to have another fight. I think maybe the best thing is not to do it. OK, some people will say the beginning is boring. Fine. Most of the other people would say the contrary.

It's not really the same structure as Taken. We really decided to have nothing in the opening 15 minutes, just to have his family. We didn't know Maggie, we didn't know Famke. In the first one we only saw Maggie hysterical in the beginning and drugged in the end. Famke it was ever worst, because she was the posh, rich girl in the beginning, who cares about the daughter but she cares more about her money. We restructured everything and created the story of Maggie. "What did you see? You've been raped, you've seen girls killed. Two years ago the experience you had was so cruel and so bad that, sure, you'll be impacted two years later." We recreate fall of this, even in the ned, the one -to-one fight was not like this. I really believed strongly in the danger of the main character at the end is the best way to push the audience to the last last gasp. We changed many, many things. It's just your job as a writer.

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