We’ve been following Disney’s new computer animated film Tangled for years now and through it all it’s never quite made sense. How do you make a movie out of a girl just sort of sitting around in a castle dangling her long hair over the parapet? The first trailer for Tangled at last answers that question. Apparently she can use her hair like tentacles.

It’s weird, but in the opening scenes of the trailer, which you’ll see below, Rapunzel seems more octopus than girl. Even with that oddity there’s plenty to like here. Her chameleon companion may be the cutest lizard ever seen on screen, and the prince who rescues her seems like something that fell out of one of the good Shrek movies. Tangled could be fun. You’ll have to fight past a kind of annoying and ill-fitting song from Pink to enjoy it, but here’s the first ever trailer: for Tangled:

UPDATE: Stitch Kingdom came across a Dutch trailer for the film, which includes the full scene of the prince first meeting Rapunzel. Yes, it's dubbed in Dutch, but you can figure out the gist pretty quickly.

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