Difficult as that was, one element that was surprisingly problem free was shooting on the streets of Las Vegas. While logic would dictate that everybody would want to see a major Hollywood film being made with big stars, the filmmakers actually had a hard time trying to get people to come watch the movie’s big Hot Box stunt.

“There is obviously a different vibe in Las Vegas, and at several times I walked around in full hair and makeup, and costume and no one batted an eye,” Carrell said, laughing. “On the poster, it looks absolutely ridiculous, but, it’s not really ridiculous in the context of Las Vegas. For example, we were suspended almost 60-foot above Las Vegas Boulevard in a Plexiglas box on the Las Vegas strip and we didn’t even gather a crowd. We tried to get a crowd. We wanted extras and didn’t want to pay for them! We figured people would just gather and we’ll shoot that. Nobody cared! That told us a lot about our environment.”

Sharing his own story about the city, Carrey reflected on a time early in his career when he performed stand-up alongside the legendary Rodney Dangerfield at Caesar’s Palace. According to the star, as time passed he began to evolve his act and go to stranger places by starting to dress weird and “[imitate] cockroaches avoiding vacuum cleaners.”

“I totally lost the audience, which of course I planned to do from time to time. Rodney Dangerfield used to stand backstage and howl with laughter at my failure. I’d come off stage and he’d say, ‘Man, they’re looking at you like your from another planet,’” Carrey said, punctuating with a pitch-perfect Dangerfield impression.

Despite all of the highs and lows of their careers, both stars are still miles away from the Burt Wonderstone character, who has let all of his success go to his head and empty his life.

“There are so many highs, I find myself working with guys like this, there’s moments in your life where you go, ‘I can’t believe how insanely lucky I am.’ And then you can turn around and the next comment you can feel so completely caught up in your own wanting and desiring and needing and feeling like you’re missing something -- the higher the high, the lower the low,” Carrey said.

“I’m always astounded that I’ve ever played a leading character in anything and my wife concurs with that,” Carell added later. “I always thought I’d be at best the wacky neighbor on a sitcom. This is all a surprise and a joy.”

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone opens in theaters this Friday.

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