The inevitable is finally happening. Since Taylor Lautner and his inhuman abs broke onto the scene a few years back in Twilight, everyone with two eyes and a brain full of movie logic could have guessed that this dude was going to be turned into an action hero. Well, this new poster for Abduction is definitely selling you that image and selling it cheap since they clearly blew their marking budget on bad Photoshop work.

Abduction follows Lautner as he tries to uncover his true history after he finds his baby photo on a website for missing persons. Slightly tweak a few words in that description and Lautner fills the gap left by Matt Damon leaving the Bourne movies. Expect Lautner to be roundhouse kicking and aggressively taking his shirt of for two hours of squealy good times.

This new poster from Yahoo! Movies shows Lautner surfing down the side of a glass building, miraculously not falling to his death. Swear to god, if this scene isn’t in the movie I’m going to be very upset. The poster looks like a good looking girl with too much make up on. It’s a cool idea, but it hardly looks more realistic than the Looney Tunes. Scope it out below and marvel in its blue tinted glory.

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