Comic book fans are already fully aware of how the origin story of Captain America ends, but for those not familiar with the character the ending of The First Avenger was quite fresh. It's for that reason that Yahoo!'s decision to post the final scene of the film online only one week after the film's release is quite bizarre, but it also provides us with our first HD, official look at The Avengers, so who the hell cares?

Check out the clip below (or in HD over on Yahoo!) and join me for discussion afterward.

While it's not the full teaser trailer for the ultimate superhero team up movie, there's more than enough reason to get excited here. For starters, we finally get a clear look at the character's new, updated costumes and we don't have to deal with a cheering crowd screaming over the audio, so we can actually hear what Tony Stark says to Thor at the end of the trailer. Hopefully this is a sign that the full teaser trailer will be online soon and with Disney's D23 expo in just a couple weeks, I'd say it's a safe bet.

I've added a gallery below with 10 screenshots from the Avengers portion of the video. In the pictures you can see Tony Stark (wearing an awesome Black Sabbath t-shirt as an in-joke to Iron Man), Captain America (in his modern duds), Bruce Banner (not in Hulk form, sadly), Thor (in his new sleeveless get-up), Black Widow (in tight leather), Hawkeye (looking a bit glum), and Nick Fury (replete with eye patch and duster). Enjoy!

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