If there’s one franchise out there which Hollywood should probably leave alone for awhile, it’s Terminator. The last movie wasn’t exactly well received and nobody really seemed to be rushing out to buy Terminator Salvation tickets, but the rights to the franchise have recently fallen to someone new. That someone new is eager to take their turn at making money off the goodwill earned for this series decades ago back when James Cameron was still involved in it.

Fast Five director Justin Lin is in charge of this newest profit push and the latest word on the next Terminator movie is that they want to Star Trek it. What does that mean? Short version, they want to bring in a bunch of younger actors to play established characters. Sound familiar? It should because that’s pretty much what they did with the last movie, Terminator Salvation. That film was all about Kyle Reese and if the rumor on WhatsPlaying pans out that’s what they want to do again, only of course with a completely different actor playing the character in some other storyline.

What about Arnold Schwarzenegger? The Austrian Oak recently put all of his future projects on hold while the media firestorm over his serial non-monogomy rages, but word is that he still has a part in this new but not really that new idea. They may be lessening his screentime in this latest version, compared to the previous idea they'd intended to run with, but probably not so much that they can’t feature him prominently in the trailers in order to suck in existing fans who don’t really want to see Selena Gomez as Sarah Connor and Taylor Lautner as the T-1000.

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