As much as you may want Joss Whedon to get it, or for James Cameron to buy back his franchise with some Avatar money and protect it from idiots for the rest of time, it's looking like the rights to the Terminator franchise will be going to the people who helped make Tyler Perry a household name. According to The Los Angeles Times, Lionsgate's offer of $15 million plus 5% of the gross from any future Terminator movie has made them the high bidder.

Halcyon Entertainment, the bankrupt owner of the franchise rights, has until February 5 to accept more bids, and due to some legal reason I do not understand, anyone bidding over Lionsgate has to bid at least $500,000 more (basically, they are not playing by Price Is Right rules). But it really seems to make sense for Lionsgate to take over the franchise from here-- they excel at making mid-budget genre pieces like Saw, and might be able to secure a future for Terminator that doesn't cost $200 million to make. After all, the original film was just a low-budget thriller. Maybe returning to the franchise's roots is the right way to go here.

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