Usually when there's a "so-and-so would love to work with so-and-so" story, it's because a reporter asked some unwitting actor "How would you like to work with Brad Pitt someday?" and the actor, having no choice, responds "I'm a huge fan of Brad's, I'd love to work with him." Because what else are you gonna say? "That jerk can go eat my poo?"

But apparently Terry Gilliam wasn't just pressured into saying he'd like to work with Pixar at a British Film Institute event last week. According to Slashfilm, he extensively praised the quality of Pixar's films, and said he ran into Andrew Stanton at the Wall-E premiere and told him to "hold the door open" for him.

I don't know what I love more-- that Gilliam would possibly animate something for Pixar, or that he was invited to the Wall-E premiere, a film that used the theme music from Brazil in early trailers (see below) and seems at least a little inspired by his notion of a bleak but comical future. The guy's been known to suggest a lot of projects that never come to fruition, and similarly, Pixar doesn't usually show interest in working with directors outside their usual stable. But if there's one director I'd like to see bust down those doors, it's probably Gilliam.

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