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This morning I sat in a roundtable interview with the great Terry Gilliam, who spoke with enthusiasm and immense humor about his new film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. But of course, we also had to ask him about Robert Duvall's recent assertion that he'll be playing Don Quixote in the latest iteration of Gilliam's passion project, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

"Mr. Blabbermouth Duvall, you mean?" Gilliam joked before confirming that he has asked Duvall to play the legendary Spanish adventurer:

"Well, it's up. We're getting it going again. As Bobby says, we don't have the money yet. I just think he's phenomenal. I sent him the script, and he was so excited by it. I just thought, if I can get Robert Duvall talking as he was on the phone with that kind of excitement and energy and childish enthusiasm, I thought, this is going to be great. He does the tango. I just think he's extraordinary."

Gilliam also reiterated that Johnny Depp is definitely out-- "He's too busy doing swashing and buckling and Tonto-ing," as Gilliam put it, referring to both the Pirates sequel and the Lone Ranger movie that Depp has committed to. There's still no guarantee that the Don Quixote movie will ever happen, but with Duvall on board (as opposed to the star of the original film, Jean Rochefort) he has a bankable American name that could help the movie get funding. Now, if we can only find a Sancho Panza.