It's looking likely we'll be spared from the apocalypse. No, I'm not talking about politics-- for once-- but the possibility of a movie based on The Hills, the "reality" show that I swear has dumbed down my generation irreversibly. In the spring Lauren Conrad said it was possible, but then Heidi Montag told her she was crazy and it was never going to happen. Now Audrina Partridge, another star of the show who has inexplicably become famous as a result, is offering the tiebreaker.

She told "I haven’t really heard anything about a ‘Hills’ movie, so no.” Go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief, guys, especially given her idea of what a movie would actually entail. "I think it would be like a really long reality, like one long episode, obviously."

It's obvious we're in a time of unusual creative bankruptcy in Hollywood, but this would be a stretch even for the guys who are bringing you remakes of things like Forbidden Planet. I never thought I'd say Audrina Partridge and Heidi Montag are sensible, but please America, let's listen to them and put the idea of a Hills movie to rest.

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