Just yesterday a bootlegged (albeit a pretty good bootleg) version of the Amazing Spider-Man trailer hit the internet and as quickly as you could watch it Sony snatched it away. It was enough, however, to show us exactly the tone the movie was going for--dark. Our fearless leader Josh wrote an in-depth look at what we learned from the trailer but now you can get a high-res look at the new Peter Parker for yourself and compare notes.

Watch the first ever trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man in HD on Yahoo or embedded below..

The dark tone of the teaser is unexpected, but it makes perfect sense that director Marc Webb decided to go that route with the story. With Sam Raimi’s series skewing more towards fun and comic booky. the easiest way to differentiate yourself from that is to go the Batman route and play up the melancholia of teenage life. As Josh mentions, they maybe hit that note a little too hard by having Peter huddled over his notebook with a hoodie pulled over his head, but if you can let go of the fact that Spider-man has always been a fun character and never this dark, the trailer looks pretty solid.

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