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Poor Jason. He's run out and gotten that golden fleece countless times in all the retellings of his classic Greek myth, but in the latest version, it seems, he'll be reduced to supporting role status. Zak Penn (screenwriter The incredible Hulk, among others) is running off with The Argonauts, and will write and produce a screenplay about the roving band of sailors for Fox. Variety seems to think the story is that The Argonauts is only one part of a giant wave of epics, but all I want to know is where's Jason??

OK, so the leader of the pack probably won't be totally left out this time. Apparently the story will be Penn's take on the Greek legend, so it's hard to imagine the sailors on their ship without a captain. And the idea of telling the story of the bunch of them as a unit, rather than Jason and his backup singers, has a certain 300-esque appeal. Of course, half of the projects coming up these days could be described as having a 300-esque appeal, and that's not necessarily a good thing. But these guys will get the golden fleece, and if that's not a leg up, what is?