Yesterday was a day of riches for Marvel fans as full looks at both Captain America and Thor were revealed in the form of concept art (though the latter has yet to be officially confirmed.) For the first time since Marvel announced its over-arching plan, we have an idea of what the principal members of the Avengers will look like when it finally comes to theaters in 2012. However, as all the images were released separately, the full "team" image has not been revealed. Prepare to thank Photoshop.

Slashfilm reader Randolph has taken images of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk and Thor and combined them into one super-image. It's not the greatest bit of photo-editing ever (all of the characters look stuck-in and are obviously different resolutions) but the problems fade when you realize just how incredible this whole master plan really is.

Check out the image below and in full size over at Slashfilm.

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