When you live in a small town that isn't usually in the rotation for movie productions, there's nothing more exciting than when Hollywood comes to town. When they shot the long-forgotten Disney remake of That Darn Cat (starring Christina Ricci and Doug E. Doug!) in my hometown in 1996, you'd better believe we clocked the production's every move. When I went to visit the set of The Help in Greenwood, Mississippi I witnessed the group of friendliest, most exciting neighbors you can imagine, even though trailers were blocking pretty much every road in the neighborhood.

And now that The Avengers has set up shop in Cleveland, Ohio, the local paper the Plain-Dealer-- over at Cleveland.com-- has gotten in the business of documenting all the action. Over the weekend it wasn't that hard-- the crew was shooting a giant crowd scene that required extras to run screaming through the downtown streets that are subbing in for Manhattan, with gunfire sounds going off in the background. You can check out the very realistic video of it below:

They've also captured a handful of photos from the set, two of which you can see below, and most of which you can find here. But for shots of the stars on the set-- or at least Chris Evans in costume as Captain America-- you've got to rely on the paparazzi, who sent over some shots to Celebuzz. Check out the chaos and destruction, along with Evans in a sharp leather jacket, below.

We heard last week that Joss Whedon and company were planning four weeks worth of a massive action scene in Cleveland, so this is likely only the beginning of the set reports. For the most detailed information imaginable from the Avengers set, follow Plain Dealer report Mike Sangiano on Twitter.

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