Whether or not you're ready for Mel Gibson to be back on the screen, The Beaver is coming to American theaters next spring, now with an official release date and everything. According to Deadline the film directed by Jodie Foster and starring Gibson is now set for a March 23rd limited release, with a wider expansion settled for April 8.

Believe it or not, that release will just be a little over a year after The Edge of Darkness premiered at the beginning of this year, starring Gibson and netting about $81 million worldwide. It's amazing what a series of leaked racist, sexist, abusive phone calls will do for a man's career. As much as it seemed over the summer, when the news was still fresh, that Gibson would never have a career again, his smart willingness to lay low and let this all blow over seems to have worked. By the time March 23 rolls around, we might not all instantly recoil when seeing Gibson's face on a movie poster. If the movie is any good, we have to start seriously reconsidering letting Gibson have a career again. If it's not, well, maybe it'll be the last straw after all.

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